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Municipal Electric Utilities

Business Challenge

Managing costs for municipal electric utilities with ever-increasing renewable energy regulations.

The Energy Issue

Municipal electric utilities in Nova Scotia must supply their customers with 25% renewable electricity by 2015, which steps up to 40% in 2020.


Minas Energy identified and evaluated a number of opportunities and determined that the lowest cost supply included purchasing hydro power from an existing facility in Nova Scotia, developing a wind farm for municipal ownership in Nova Scotia, and working with wholesale electricity providers to structure a low-cost non-renewable supply for the remaining demand.

Action Plan

Using its market knowledge and project development experience, Minas Energy optimized the size of the hydro purchase and capacity of the wind farm, along with the open access transmission and wholesale aspects of the transaction. Minas Energy is guiding the utilities through the various processes including transmission access applications, all preliminary development aspects of the wind farm including wind data acquisition and evaluation, environmental permitting, community engagement, as well as land lease and equipment purchase negotiations.


Significant cost savings and supply diversity, increased the ability to control their own destiny via ownership of the wind energy asset.

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