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Province of Nova Scotia

Provincial Challenge

Decarbonize the Provincial power grid while keeping local industry globally competitive.

Specific Opportunity

Develop 2,400 MW of tidal energy in the world's best resource to provide predictable renewable power to the grid and create a new industry in the process.

Project Initiation

The Province of Nova Scotia awarded our company the contract to manage the implementation of an in-stream tidal energy facility in the Bay of Fundy.

Action Plan

Minas used its extensive network to assemble a team of local and international researchers, then assessed the Bay of Fundy in search of the best location to develop the facility required to bring the electricity ashore. Relying on its vision with key skills in public engagement and project development, Minas led the team as it secured the Federal and Provincial Environmental Approvals, created the appropriate project corporate structure, and secured the funding for the project from the Clean Energy Fund.


A classic example of successful teamwork led by Minas, Nova Scotia now has North America's first in-stream tidal energy site, a world-class research institution and at least 20MW of clean, predictable tidal power installed by 2020.

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